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Videotron WebMail Support

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Receiving E-Mails

How Do I Read a New Message?

Sending Messages

How Do I Compose and Send a New Message?

How Do I Reply To a Message?

How Do I Forward a Message?

How Do I Check Spelling in My Message?

How Do I Add Contacts from Address Book?

How Do I Ask For a Return Receipt When I Send a Message?

How Do I Respond To a Message That Asks For a Return Receipt?

Searching Messages

How Do I Search For a Message?

Managing Messages

What Actions Can I Perform On My Message(s)?

Mail Quota

How Do I View my Overall Mail Quota Information?

How Can I Check my Mail Quota Usage for a Particular Folder?

Managing Spam Messages

How Do I Mark a Message as Spam or Not Spam?

How Do I Delete a Message?

How Do I Print a Message?

Attaching Files to Messages

How Do I Attach a File to Message?

How Do I View a File Attached to a Message?

How Do I Save a File Attached to a Message?

Sorting Messages

How Do I Sort Messages?

Managing Folders

How Do I Create a Folder?

How Do I Rename a Folder?

How Do I Delete a Folder?

Address Book




How Do I Sort Messages?

To sort messages in a folder, perform the following steps:

  1. Decide how you want your messages to be displayed.

    You can display the messages in the ascending or descending order. You can sort the messages in any of the following order:

    • By the date Received or Sent

    • By the sender or recipient name, displayed as From or To

    • By the message Size, Subject, or Priority

    • By the read or unread status, shown in the envelope column

    • By the Attachment presence

  2. Select the required folder.

  3. Click any one of the following option that corresponds to your choice:

    • From or To: Displays messages alphabetically by the name of the sender or receiver. Click From or To again to sort messages in the reverse alphabetical order.

    • Size: Sorts the messages by size in the ascending order. Click Sizeagain to sort the messages in the descending order.

    • Subject: Sorts messages alphabetically by each message subject text on the Subject line. Click Subjectagain to sort messages in the reverse alphabetical order.

    • Status: Separates unread and read messages, followed by messages that you have forwarded, replied to, deleted (read or unread), or replied to and deleted.

    • Received or Sent: Sorts messages by date. The latest message appears first by default. Click Received or Sent again to display the oldest messages first. The Date format setting that you select in the Options tab determines the format of the date.